Electric dipole

How to run a CDF Player simulation
download ElectricDipole_LM.cdf
download ElectricDipole_LM.nb (Mathematica notebook)


This is a simulation about an electric dipole.
It’s possible to move the two charges q1 and q2 generating the field and the point P in which the electric field is measured (click the mouse on them and drag).
In the point P are also shown the electric field vectors generated by q1 and q2, their vectorial sum (that is the total electric field vector in P) and the field line passing through it (red line).

With the two q1 and q2 sliders (in the field parameters tab) it’s also possible to change the charge intensities of q1 and q2 and see how  the field lines change (especially comparing their configuration when the charges have opposite sign values or when they are equally signed).

Author: Luca MoroniJanuary 2014