Geogebra Basketball 3D

Basic operation

Click “New Trial” to position the shooter (the shooter will be placed randomly on the half-field). Through the sliders adjust the parameters “\alpha” (horizontal direction), “\phi” (vertical inclination) and “‍v0‍” to direct the shoot to the basket.

Alternatively, in training mode, you can use the buttons to automatically set the parameters:

“set \alpha“: will set the right horizontal direction
“set \phi“: will set the right vertical slope of the shoot (given the actual value of v0‍)
“set v0‍” : will set the right speed of the shoot (given the actual value of ).

Click “Shoot” to start the animation.

See the result and repeat the operation,
In game mode a countdown timer will be started so that different player can compare their  score (in the set time) and performance.

Note: given complexity of the simulation it’s advisable to download the .ggb file from the Geogebra material portal (here) and run it locally through the free Geogebra Classic desktop program available at this page. The web app may be rather slow and jerky.

In this post there are other info and a demo video.

Last edited: 23 April 2017