Geogebra Basketball 3D (post)

At the page there is a new Geogebra simulation named Basketball 3D, illustrating the physics of a basketball shot.

Here is a preview image

basketball image

and a demo video:

This simulation could help students to playfully discover and experiment the properties of the parabolic motion and to understand the concept of flux of a vector field (ball velocity) through a surface (the one delimited by the basketball ring).

I made it also to explore the limits of what can be done with Geogebra in building a complex simulation and I’m rather impressed with the width of its opportunities, especially through the scripting and with its (rather hidden) potential.

The geogebra file can be downloaded and run locally (a much better experience than using the online applet) in this page of the Geogebra material portal (link).

Note: given complexity of the simulation it’s advisable to download the .ggb file and run it locally through the free Geogebra desktop program. The web app may be rather slow and jerky.